Human-Centered Design

Human-Centered Design (HCD) is an approach to the design of interactive systems and services that starts from thorough, qualitative research on people's lives, behaviors, contexts & aspirations. These insights inform the design & development requirements, so that the final solutions are well aligned with the people they are meant for.


​ADHIs Methodology is rooted in Human Centered Design to ensure high quality & locally supported deployments. Our focus is to design & deliver smart technology solutions that meet the specific needs of the organizations & communities we serve in some of the most challenging environments in the developing world. 


ADHI Human-Centered Design ​

  • Enhances Effectiveness & Efficiency

  • Improves Human Well-Being

  • Improves User Satisfaction, Accessibility & Sustainability

  • Supports Individual Uniqueness

  • Supports Cultural Integrity & Relevant Local and Immediate Needs