The African

Digital Hub Initiative 

The African Digital Hub Initiative (ADHI) was inspired to assist and structure comprehensive ICT solutions to transform & empower Rwanda's knowledge based economies through the use of ADHI Digital Hubs.


Our technology service bridges the digital divide by providing free access to meaningful digital content & applications that are needed most. ADHI works alongside Government and NGO leadership to empower sustainable digital solutions for education, health, empowerment, gender equality and business innovation.


ADHI is a comprehensive & holistic solution utilizing human centered design principles and leading global program management methodologies. We provide digital hubs in major cities and challenging environments of rural & underserved communities of Sub-Saharan Africa. We apply best practices and technology from world-class Global ICT providers and work directly with regional ICT partners to install, implement, and provide long-term support for our Digital Hub solutions.



ADHI Hubs Technology Services directly support the following:


  • Government Services

  • NGO Digital Missions

  • Global Health Initiatives 

  • Digital Education 

  • Gender Equality

  • Economic Development Goals

  • Local Job Creation & Development 

ADHI is beginning our initiative to enable 35,000+ digital hubs across 5 African nations by 2024. Our program is designed to scale & expand to 100,000+ digital hubs throughout 10+ Africa nations by 2028.