ADHI Approach & Methodology



To successfully bridge The Digital Divide through ICT based digital hub services provided to communities throughout Sub-Sahara Africa

ADHI Goals

ADHI’s Goal is to bridge the digital divide to support knowledge based societies across Sub-Saharan Africa.

How do we plan to accomplish this goal?

The African Digital Hub Initiative (ADHI) can accomplish this goal by providing citizens with free access to digital literacy training programs, meaningful digital content, & application platforms. 

Access to digital content includes:
  • E-Government-applications, services & digital literacy training 

  • Health NGOs- information, resources & programs

  • Entrepreneurial Application Platforms-Ag Tech, Maker Labs & Content Creation

  • Education- K-12 e-learning, teacher training & community education 

  • Gender NGO- Application platforms, business & leadership training programs

African Digital Hub Initiative 


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Contact- Mark Charland

ADHI SR Managing Partner